Doctoral and postdoctoral contracts

PhD contracts ITI HiSAAR

In the main areas of its 5 research axes and cross-cutting themes, the HiSAAR ITI will award doctoral fellowships for research that includes an interdisciplinary dimension.

Fellowships will be put out to tender each year from 2022 until 2026. The contracts that will be awarded will be in the field of "Interdisciplinary Studies in History, Sociology, Archaeology and Anthropology of Religion".

Students holding the HiSAAR University Diploma will be able to apply for a three-year doctoral grant, financed by the ITI HiSAAR and attached to one of the three doctoral schools federated by this ITI. Obtaining the HiSAAR University Diploma remains a sine qua non condition to apply for a ITI HiSAAR doctoral grant.


In addition, candidates must be admitted to one of the 3 Doctoral Schools (ED) attached to the ITI HiSAAR to be able to apply for a doctoral grant from the ITI HiSAAR:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (ED 519)
  • Humanities (ED 520)
  • Theology and religious sciences  (ED 270)

The candidates must take note of the admission procedures for doctoral studies in these three doctoral schools.


Selection criteria:

The following may apply

    * Candidates who hold a Master 2 research degree and have validated the DU HiSAAR must first submit a copy of the admission file sent to the doctoral school concerned and an application form.
    *  candidates must have defended their M2 thesis at the date of the audition.
    * External candidates, holders of a French or foreign Master 2 research degree, who have validated the DU HISAAR, must also submit a copy of the derogatory admission file sent to the doctoral school concerned.
     *  A minimum grade of 16/20 for the Master 2 thesis is required.

    *   candidates registering for the thesis for the first time in 2024-2025.
    *   if successful, candidates agree to settle in Strasbourg or its surroundings.


Applicants shall submit, no later than June 17, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. electronically to the project manager and copied to a complete file including:

    * A detailed curriculum vitae with photo.
    * A copy of the master's thesis (can be send later, until June 17, 2024).
    *  A provisional certificate/diploma of successful completion of the Master 2.
    * A copy of the defense report indicating the grade obtained during the defense of the Master 2 thesis (if possible).
    * Details of the courses taken as part of the master's program (transcripts).
    * A 10-page typed presentation of the research project (+ bibliography).
    * The detailed opinion of the teacher-researcher who has accepted to direct the thesis.
    * A provisional schedule over 3 years (feasibility of the project).
    * The application form duly completed.


All these documents must be sent as individual files in .pdf format, indicating at the beginning of each document in the file: first and last name of the eligible candidate + name of the document (e.g.: Schmitt Daniel_thesis project).


After submitting all the required documents, candidates will receive an e-mail inviting them to attend the interview (date to be defined).


The interview will last 20 minutes and will be structured as follows:


  • 10 minutes of presentation of the project

This presentation of a high scientific level may be accompanied if necessary by the projection of a PowerPoint.


  • 10 minutes to respond to questions or comments.


Criteria used for the evaluation of the written file:

  • The originality and interdisciplinary scientific contribution of the project (coeff. 3).
  • The quality of the project in terms of writing, argument and methodology, including the presentation of the bibliography (coeff. 3).
  • The coherence between the previous career and the selected project, including the knowledge of the modern or ancient languages required to carry out the project (coeff. 2).
  • The possibility of the project within the three-year time limit, normally allotted, which includes the submission of a provisional timetable that can be taken up again with the selected candidates at the end of the first year of the doctorate (coeff. 2).


The language of the interview is French.

The results will be communicated to the candidates at the end of June 2024.





Submission of applicationsno later than June 17, 2024, noon
Audition of candidatesto be defined


Reference text

Decree No. 2016-1173 of August 29, 2016 amending Decree No. 2009-464 of April 23, 2009 on contractual doctoral students in public higher education or research institutions.


Contract amount: 1 975 € gross per month (2022)

Duration of funding: 3 years

Contact: Guillaume Ducoeur


Application form

Contrat post-doctoral « ITI HiSAAR » : Institut Thématique Interdisciplinaire d’histoire, sociologie, archéologie et anthropologie des religions.

The position is part of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute of History, Sociology, Archaeology and Anthropology of Religions of the University of Strasbourg, whose objective is the critical study of religions through multidisciplinary collaboration in France, Europe and more widely internationally. The ITI HiSAAR's mission is to develop, on the one hand, interdisciplinary research in the field of the critical study of religious systems and, on the other hand, to provide university training through its HiSAAR University Diploma, which is open to master's and doctoral students and is composed of seminars, masterclasses and summer and winter universities.
The research and training of the HiSAAR IIT covers five axes: [1] Text, intertextuality and tradition, [2] Identities and alterities, [3] Religions and politics, [4] Ritual practices: gestures, objects and representations, [5] Sex, gender and religions.

In order to complement the research and training areas of ITI HiSAAR, the present position is open to candidates with a university doctorate and specialists in history of christianism and gnosticism.

Within the framework of the HiSAAR ITI, the recruited person is expected to be strongly involved at several levels:
- Participate in the interdisciplinary research program proposed by the co-leaders of the 5 axes (round tables, study days, colloquia).
- Participate in the interdisciplinary training program proposed by the co-leaders of the 5 axes (seminars, master classes, summer and winter universities).
- To carry out autonomous research in close collaboration with the HiSAAR IIT scientific leader and to organize international scientific events.
- To ensure the correspondence and the follow-up of the HiSAAR IIT publications with European publishing houses.

General information
- Workplace: ITI HiSAAR, University of Strasbourg
- Name of the scientific manager : Guillaume Ducoeur
- Type of contract: CDD/Postdoctoral contract
- Duration of the contract: 12 months
- Start date: September 1st, 2023
- Working hours: Full time
- Remuneration: according to university scale and previous experience

Application file
The application must be sent by May 16, 2023 at the latest to Ms. Cecilia Landau (, ITI HiSAAR Project manager, with a copy to the ITI HiSAAR coordinator ( It must include the following dematerialized documents in PDF format:
- Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
- Copy of the thesis report.
- Choice of 3 publications.
- Letter of motivation (2 pages maximum) specifying how the candidate intends to fit into the HiSAAR IIT training and research program.

For more information
- Contact:
- Presentation of the ITI HiSAAR:

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