Scholarships and financial aid


Registration for the DU HiSAAR may entail registration fees for students who are not enrolled in one of the 11 master's degrees attached to the ITI HiSAAR.

ITI HISAAR can take care of the reimbursement of the registration fees incurred by the student. For more information, please contact our secretary.


The HiSAAR ITI will award the MOBIL'ITI device n°4 for the academic year 2021-2022.
The selection of the beneficiaries will be based on the quality of the academic file and on the geographical origin of the candidate.


Applicant Eligibility:
The applicant must
- Be administratively registered in the DU HiSAAR.


Cumulation of financial support
The Mobil'ITI grant cannot be combined with the following mobility support schemes:

    Unistra international mobility support system (DRI)
    Erasmus+ MIC / Mundus / KA 103 except Erasmus+ Internship KA103
    Other financial support from IdEx funding

The student-allocatee cannot benefit in addition from another financial aid supported by IdEx for the same academic year.


In order to apply for the MOBIL'ITI scholarship granted by the HiSAAR ITI, please contact our secretary: