Admission requirements


Admission requirements and public concerned


The recruitment levels are the 2nd and 3rd university cycles, master 1 and 2 and doctorate (whatever the doctoral year). The students are those enrolled and supervised in the 10 master's courses and doctoral schools of reference of the ITI (internal students of the DU HiSAAR) and those belonging to other academic and university institutions, national and international, which are partners of the ITI HiSAAR.

In addition, teachers with a Master's degree in Teaching, Education and Training, as well as those with a Master's degree in Humanities or Law may apply for the DU HiSAAR as continuing education during their professional career.

Admission will be based on a review of applications by the ITI HiSAAR DU Committee beginning in Summer 2023 for the October 2023 academic year.


To apply for the DU HiSAAR, please send a CV and a letter of motivation to the secretariat until September 22, 2023.